Pokemon Tower Defense Game

pokemon tower defense game

Pokémon Tower Defense is a Stroke of Genius

For a fan-made game, Pokémon Tower Defense is undoubtedly top notch. Here's a game which utilizes what it is that makes Nintendo's game so compelling: cute, collectible monsters, element-based strengths and honest-to-goodness gameplay that is enjoyable in its simplicity. The basic idea is to protect candy from invading Wild Pokémon, but the challenge does increase as the player progresses through the story. With accessible mechanics combined with challenging levels, Pokémon Tower Defense is a classic example of its genre and a testament that with the right elements, fan games can surpass expectations.

All of the initial 151 Pokémon can be seen in the game along with some special extras. Not all of these may be caught, but are present in the game nonetheless. Just like in the RPG, Pokémon level up by being deployed and earning enough EXP. Upon reaching certain levels, they may also be evolved into their stronger counterparts. The levels cap at 100. Each Pokémon has their own move set and these are used to attack invaders, inflict status effects, heal or affect buffs.

Where to Play the Game?

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While being prepared for battle usually helps turn the tide in your favor, player participation does not end with proper foresight. As a classic tower defense game, you will need to be on your toes to adapt to last minute mission surprises. Repositioning troops on the fly is allowed and freshly captured Pokémon may be used immediately.

Following the footsteps of the RPG, capturing Pokémon involves weakening it. That means that keeping your focus on depleting HP bars and having the cursor on the Poké Ball is not enough. If a certain Pokémon has caught your eye, it usually pays off to choose defenders that don't deal as much damage in order to end up with a successful catch.

Though this is a tower defense game, basic duel rules apply. You can opt to muscle your way to stopping waves of foes, but more often than not it will be frustrating. Forget about pitting your low level Grass-type pet's moves against a Charmeleon's defenses, it simply wouldn't be efficient. It's best to have reliable Pokémon of each type as it keeps tapers the difficulty of the challenges.

If you are a completionist, you may want to camp Shiny versions of the Pokémon. These rare alternates earn 50% more experience than regular versions and are, of course, more sparkly. Be warned however that the chances to obtain these in the wild are pretty slim. This may be old news to series die-hards, but trading is really the way to go if you really want to catch 'em all. Shadow Pokémon versions also exist, though these are not catchable. You may add Anti-shiny versions to your collection by earning them through Achievements, completing an NPC trade or chancing upon active Mystery Gifts.

Trading takes place on the Pokémon Center, an area which is separate from the main game. Actually, players are required to log out prior to visiting the Center in order to ensure that no save data gets corrupted. Aside from posting and responding to trades, players may also purchase Shiny Pokémon with SnD Coins, buy premium Avatar items, win useful prizes in the Daily Gift section and play slots to earn rare Pokémon. Aside from forums, the Pokémon Center is basically the place to interact with other players and enjoy being a part of the PTD community.

In short, Pokémon Tower Defense is a must-play for any pocket monster die hard. It is most definitely a labor of love from the creator and it shows with the number of game features and continuous updates. Its extensive library of collectible monsters is a feat for an online browser game and best of all, it's free to play. It doesn’t matter of you're a series veteran or not, you can always create an account and enjoy beating Tower Defense's challenges from start to finish.