Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked Game

pokemon tower defense 2 hacked game

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked - Unbelievable tower-defense action with a few helpful tweaks

Flash Magic (Flagic)

As if the main series of Pokemon games wasn't already a wildly successful and fiendishly entertaining enough franchise to burn Pikachu-shaped holes in my brain and making my dreams turn into some sort of anime, Pokemon-draped freak show, Sam Otero had to go and work his brilliant magic on the Pokemon concept and bring us the third incarnation of the messiah that is Pokemon Tower Defense. The series' magic has always relied on its tower-defense battles, authentic chiptune music, and warmly nostalgic 8-bit graphics that take us back in time to the wonderful era of handheld pixels and oversized battery packs, with Pokemon Tower Defense 2 possessing a free-roaming story mode and a range of superior features. One thing I will say about the game, however, is the amount of time that needs to be dedicated to playing it if you are to have anything resembling half-decent team. Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked takes the game's hunger for your time and satisfies it with some hack-shaped snacks to make your life easier.

Where to Play the Game?

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Full Experience (Fexperience)

Just because the game has undergone a little devious hacking treatment doesn't mean that we lose any of its main features, don't you go worrying about that. The hacked version of PTD2 is as content-packed as ever, sporting the full story mode as it exists in the original in which you must explore the region and engage in its goings on whilst battling in the tower-defense format along the way. You can amass a collection of however many Pokemon you wish, and can choose six of these to bring into battle with you at any one time; simply place your Pokemon in any one of the active battle zones and it will use one of its four possible moves automatically. You can also set priorities such as attacking weakest or strongest, or change your style to more defensive play, it is entirely up to you.

Pokemon possess all their traits from the main series of games as well, with their moves, abilities, and evolution patterns being identical. Your Pokemon (which are the 'tower' in 'tower defense') grow up levels and learn moves by gaining experience points from battling. This is actually one of the main attractions of the main series of games, and indeed PTD2 for fans willing to dedicate their time to it, but if you haven't got all that much time or desire to spend hours training your Pokemon, grinding for experience points can be quite an arduous and time-consuming process. This is where the hacks come into play.

OMG Haqu4orzz!!

The single most useful change to the hacked gameplay is the gaining of more experience points from your battles. This allows you to level up your Pokemon at a significantly accelerated pace, leading to them learning moves and evolving in half the time that it would take you in the regular version. Another useful feature is being able to capture opposing Pokemon after only one hit instead of having to wear its health down slowly until the health bar turns red, which is the case in the normal PTD2. You do get more money from battles as well, but I've yet to find any use for cash in the game.

It's Pokemon, Only Quicker

It is impossible to discuss any version of Pokemon Tower Defense 2, hacked or unhacked, without mentioning the frightfully entertaining 1 vs. 1 mode where you go up against a series of other trainers, as well as the weekly mystery gift giveaway and various online trading and breeding activities you can also get up to. Just remember that hacked Pokemon are not transferrable to the unhacked version, since this would be unfair to players that are going about the game the old fashioned way. In all, Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Hacked is everything that the original is, only without the time-intensive aspect of training your Pokemon eating up hours of your day.