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1. Pokémon Tower Defense

Pokemon Tower Defense game

In this clever Pokémon spin-off by the guys at Sam and Dan Games, you set out to help Professor Oak find out the cause behind the wild Rattatta attacks. Travel across the Kanto region and meet all of the original Pokémon. Form a formidable team to protect the candy against waves of sneaky enemies. Devise a strategy depending on your Pokémon’s attributes and levels and keep an eye out for rare, shiny Pokémon to add to your collection.

Just as it is in the official game, you initially choose from Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. By being deployed in a mission, Pokémon learn different skills and even evolve. Leveling up involves filling up an EXP bar, conveniently located underneath a Pokémon’s status icon.

If you haven't had the chance to try Pokémon Tower Defense, you definitely should. Though fan-made, the game is made so well, it may as well have been official. Platforms aside, the only indication that it isn't a Nintendo creation is its humorous script --and that is exceptionally well-written. The gameplay as a whole is nothing short of engrossing, with later levels spicing things up with variations and challenging layouts. As it has references pulled from all over the Pokémon universe, fans will certainly find themselves drawn in by the silly story. However, as it is a compelling tower defense game even if it was stripped of its Pokémon graphic assets, even genre fans will find something to enjoy.

In short, Pokémon Tower Defense even if you've never touched a Pokémon game before, it's excellent as a tower defense game and even more stellar as a Pokémon spin-off.

2. Pocket Creatures PvP

Pocket Creature PVP game

NTFusion's Pocket Creatures PvP is a spin-off strategy title based on Pocket Creature, a game by the same creator. After evil forces have corrupted Queen Juliet, it now falls into your hands to save the world using your army of monsters. The stylized visuals are in the same vein as Sony Computer Entertainment's Patapon.

The game's strategy element comes into play before the actual battles even start. Prior to launching a match, you will be able to handpick, train and evolve the members of your team. Once this is done, you simply sit back and watch them unleash their abilities automatically during a match.

There are 40 different creatures to choose from, each with varying stats, battle styles and unique abilities. You may combine melee and ranged units to suit the way you play.

As it says so in the title, ranked PvP is the focus here. In order to ensure a fair challenge, the game comes with a matchmaking option which selects opponents based on the approximate team rating. Winning and losing battles will affect this evaluation, with the latter causing your rank to drop. You may also choose to challenge your friends using their user ID, though the results will not affect your rating.

In Pocket Creatures PvP, being prepared really pays off. The key to victory is to select units with complementary abilities, keeping their stats and mission longevity in mind.

3. Card Monsters

Card Monsters game

Choose from various fully illustrated cards to build your deck and even fight evil in the process. Card Monsters is an MMO CCG that is played on a virtual tabletop, resembling the playing field of traditional trading card games. Created by Edgebee Studios Inc., this game features close to 250 different cards including rare and epic types.

You may choose to battle the computer or put your custom card deck to the test against other players. Playing in either mode will deplete your available resources, with Live Play and Duels having a daily limit and Area battles and Swarm matches costing varied amounts of light. You can also try your luck at winning additional Light Crystals, Boosters, Coins or Tokens once a day at the Gift Roulette.

Regardless if you're a TCG veteran or not, Card Monsters is a game that rewards diligent play. Better rewards may be unlocked by logging in consistently and increasing the Streak Counter.

4. Backyard Monsters: Unleashed

Backyard Monsters Unleashed game

Build an impenetrable yard and show your strategy skills in Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, a game developed by KIXEYE. In this title, you are a human fighting against the Brukkarg Wild Monsters, a tribe consisting of looters and bullies. As the new guy on the block, your job is to create, train and command an army of monsters to repel the invaders. Create a formidable fortress complete with a mighty, self-sustained army.

There are over ten different types of monsters that come with their own set of unique battle abilities. Customize your fortress using various defense towers and constructs. You pick the way you play, with an option to launch Campaign Mode or Invasion Mode, which allows you to earn loot by waging war against players across the globe.

With its witty humor and gameplay depth, Backyard Monsters: Unleashed will bring out the conqueror in you. Turn a tiny defenseless lot into an invulnerable village and turn the tides of battle in your favor.

5. Mystic Guardians

Mystic Guardians game

Explore Guardia and train your Guardian team in order to become the greatest Trainer of all time in DJArts Games' Pokémon-esque Mystic Guardians. To a degree, you may customize your avatar at the start of the game. After you've picked a look, you are then given a choice between three monster types to accompany you on your epic quest. Your goal is to visit different areas in order to battle and earn badges from other Guardian Trainers.

There are over 40 available Guardians to discover and plenty of challenges to overcome. Being a quest-focused title, you will need to keep an eye on your active missions as NPCs will constantly ask for your help. Just like in any iteration of Nintendo's popular RPG, expect Wild Guardians and Trainers to hinder your progress. 

Because actions taken in the field cost Energy, there is a limit to what you can accomplish in a day. Leveling up the player character raises the cap, so your hard work will be rewarded with longer game access. If you're looking for a new Pokémon clone to fill in your breaks, then Mystic Guardians is at least worth a look.