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Play Godzilla Games online at Pocket Monster Games. Control Godzilla like monsters and destroy cities in these great monster games.

1. Days of Monsters

Days of Monsters game

Conquer the world and ensure total devastation using your own monstrous creation in MostroGame's Days of Monsters. This unique game will allow you to build a giant weapon of mass destruction in the Workshop and let it loose to decimate whole cities. Spread the destruction by travelling across the globe, earn medals by completing tasks detailed in the Map Room and defeat all do-gooder hero types that stand in your way.

Once you've gotten the hang of things, you can focus on making your doomsday machine more terrifying before you unleash your fury. Save some in-game money to research new weapons such as Laser Beams, Chilling Rays or Missiles and double the fun. You control these newfound abilities by using the QWERTY or 123456 keys assigned to them. Pressing Spacebar will make your monster turn around and the mouse will allow you to aim your tornadoes or evil eye beams in whichever direction you see fit.

If you haven't played Days of Monsters, you're missing out. Whether you end up enjoying it a lot or just a little, the moral lesson here is to not bully your peers. Else, you risk having your home stomped by giant monsters once he turns into a mad scientist.

2. Monster Arena

Monster Arena game

Monster Arena is a battle, pet simulation and role-playing game rolled into one. It was created by Little Giant Studio, the same team behind Monster Corp and Mecha Arena. In this addictive title, you train your pet by playing mini games such as rock-paper-scissors, platformers or typing challenges. You may choose to focus on improving a monster's power, defense, intelligence, agility or hunt values. Different training regimens affect different stats, so it's up to you to select which one needs to be beefed up.

Having a pet means more than just making it stronger than its opponents. You must also take care of its needs and raise it just right in order to dominate in the Monster Clash Events. Choose to spoil or discipline it to change the way it behaves. Specialize or mix and match skills from Skill Trees and purchase various In-Battle and In-training items from the Shop to augment a monster's strengths and weaknesses.

Whether you're after the secret monsters or are into taking care of virtual pets, give Monster Arena a try. It's like Monster Rancher but with a dash of RPG elements.

3. Monster Evolution

Monster Evolution game

Wreak havoc, survive by feeding off puny humans and evolve! Monster Evolution is a browser-based game by Nob Studio. It will have you rampaging about to chomp on as many hapless people as possible.

There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Easy, Normal or Difficult. You start out as a basic monster at the bottom of the evolution tree. Take over the world by using the points you gain to turn you into a more fearsome version of yourself. New monster types become available depending on the evolutions you take so upgrade wisely.

As you leave destruction in your wake, the locals will attempt to hinder you. Evolve quickly and let them know how feeble their attempts are. Show them that resistance is futile in Monster Evolution.

4. Monster Saga

Monster Saga game

Become the best monster trainer around to keep Ovest Town from being overrun by wild monsters in Monster Saga. Created by Artlogic Games, this strategy title features over twenty types of collectible monsters to train and deploy across a number of missions and side quests.

By searching available monsters in town, you will be able to add new monsters to your roster. As long as you have enough resources to meet the requirements, you will be able to form a dependable team of melee and ranged units.

Once a mission begins, you will not be able to support your pets. All you will be able to do is watch and study what you can improve for succeeding missions. That being said, it is important to keep monster stats at par or better than the opponents as there are no recruitable healers in this game. Of course, evolving your troops increases their chances of completing the automated battles.

You may opt to join tournaments in Monster Saga to rank up your breeding license. You may also earn candy and gold by sending one of your troops to complete the yearly quest. There is a chance to fail quests, so keep the success rate in mind during deployment.

Completionists will need to go through multiple playthroughs to complete the bestiary. But regardless if you're after a full monster collection or not, you must learn all about the strengths and weaknesses of your monster allies to have any hope of defeating Professor Mad Dog Lunatic.

5. Terra Monsters

Terra Monsters game

Catch up to a hundred monsters and train them for PvP battle in Terra Monsters, a game by Social Titans LLC. Embark on an exciting adventure with your friends and prove your worth in the Arena. Complete quests to open up new towns to visit, earn Honor points and capture even more powerful beasts to leave the competition in the dust.

The game is set in TerraRium, a world filled with Terra Monsters. As a Terra Rancher, you will be able to pick one of four starter pets. There's the Pandemite that packs a fiery punch, the agile and cunning Flofox, the Dandylion with a sunny disposition and the Niptune, a heroic creature with abilities gifted by the sea god. Once you have a monster in your collection, you may customize the look of your pets by using different skins.

Terra Monsters combines adorable creature design based on real animals with an intriguing world to explore. This collect 'em all RPG game certainly follows in the footsteps of Pokémon but adds a new flair in terms of mechanics.